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Admission Procedure


Admission is occurred at school from 1st January to 20th February. Admission seekers need to attend the Entrance Test organize by the school. They can also register their names to attend the test through our online registration facility between X/x/x to Y/Y/Y. To know more about admission procedure kindly read our admission rules and regulations.

Availability of subjects: 1. Assamese 2. English 3. Hindi 4. General Mathematics 5. Social Science 6. General Science 7. Moral Science 8. Environmental Science 9. Disaster Management 10. Physical Education 11. Computer Science. 12. Spoken English 13. Music 14. Dance & 15. Yoga

Age of admission into Nursery class is 3 years plus, admission in any other class depends on availability of seats.

Pupils coming from any other institute are required to bring a leaving certificate from the previous school.

New pupils must be introduced by their parents or guardians who will be responsible for their regularity, conduct and fees.

If the school authority thinks it necessary, will examine the new applicants and place them in the class they are found fit for.


The school fees & Bus fare (if Bus facility is taken by a child) cover twelve calendar months. No deduction is made for holidays or broken periods.

Pupils failing to pay fees for two consecutive months will have their name struck off from the rolls.

Tuition fees and bus fare must be paid on or before 15th of each month, failing which a late fine of 50-00 (per month or fraction of the month) will be levied for both bus fare & tuition fees.,

The school fees are liable to be revised at any time.

Fees are not refundable.

Pupils joining or withdrawing from the school at any time during the session liable to pay fees for the whole session including the Examination fees.

After the final examination\'s result, 7 days are allowed to take the transfer certificate. In case it is not taken within the time limit and asked in the first month of the new session. One month\'s fees will have to be paid for the purpose besides T/C fees of Rs. 500/-.

In case someone apply for T.C. after the date mentioned above will have to pay fees as per rule 6 of Fees.


No pupils should absent himself/herself without obtaining leave previously, except it is a sick leave.

Pupils must return after the holidays on appointed date. In case of sickness, the school authority must be notified and Doctor\'s certificate be produced.

The name of those who are absent without prior information for one month may be struck off from the rolls.

Leave must be obtained by written application from Parents/Guardians in the prescribed \"Leave Record\".


Promotion depends on child\'s performance throughout the year and not merely on marks secured in the Weekly Test, Half/Yearly or Annual Examination.

Parents/Guardians must sign the weekly reports. A child found with un-signed report will not be allowed to sit for the next weekly test.

Promotion is decided at the teacher\'s meeting; hence results are final and cannot be reconsidered. Answer-script of the annual examination shall be shown only on the special request from the parents.

No students will be allowed to repeat the same class for the third time.


Regularity and obedience will be exacted in class.

Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well and cleanliness of dress and person will inculcated and exacted.

No child suffering from a contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend school/examination.

Parents and Guardians cannot dictate to the school authorities as the authority have the right to say on what condition they will admit or retain the pupils in the institution.

No act of indiscipline, interference in the administration, disrespect to any teacher by any student shall be tolerated and delinquent may even be expelled from the school.

Parents and Guardians are requested to make proper arrangement to collect their wards immediately after the school hours. School is not responsible for any kind of miss-happening after the school hours.


Parents and Guardians are earnestly requested to cooperate with the school authorities regarding rules, home-work, extra curricular activities and character training of the children.

Parents and Guardians are hereby requested to consult the school authorities before appointing any teacher of the school as private tutor for their ward/wards.