School Uniform

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School Uniform

School Uniforms

This is compulsory for every child to come to school with full school uniform including foot wear. The school uniform consists of:

BOYS: (I-X) A smoke color shirt Half/Full having embroidered the name of School on the side of the pocket.

Coffee colored long -pant/half-pant.

Coffee colored tie (I-X) with stripes.

Uniform of Nursery Class will be informed at the time of admission.

GIRLS: (I-X) A smoke color shirt.

Coffee colored skirts (I-X).

Red colored Ribbon.

Coffee colored tie (I-X) with stripes.

Black shoes and coffee colored socks for both boys and girls and during winter months a coffee colored sweater as per school design & long-pant (For Boys) is necessary. A white handkerchief must be pinned to the pocket of the blouse or shirt in "nursery & K.G."

N.B. : Students from class VII-X may wear maroon blazer in lieu of cardigan during winter.